No tears. Little left. I shed them all the day justice died.

Posted on January 3, 2010


If this Malaysiakini report got it right, the remains of the late Federal Court judge Augustine Paul should, by now, have been buried.

To the family members of the recently departed, I extend my condolences.

I seek their forgiveness, though, for now asking, what loss to the nation by the passing of this man?

Did he, on his deathbed, perchance, utter some words of remorse for his betrayal of his oath of office to defend our constitution and to serve the ends of justice?

If so, share this repentance at death with the nation, so that we, too, might try to find it in ourselves to forgive the travesty that his judicial tenure was.

And if not, then as he judged many who passed before him, let him, too, soon be judged by He Who will Judge us all.

That is not our task.

Ours is to tend to the living who have long been neglected, deprived and denied justice by the system that this man served.

I shed no tears today on the passing of this man.

I cry for the people he failed.