Ladies & gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts, observe the ‘No smoking’ sign and, if you’re Christian, please make sure to leave Allah behind

Posted on January 15, 2010


This will soon be the standard announcement by the lead flight attendant on all domestic flights leaving Sabah or Sarawak for West Malaysia.

Malaysiakini reports today that the federal govenrment has relented and agreed that “Christians in the two Malaysian Borneo states can continue to use the term ‘Allah’ for God in Malay print as they have done for the last 300 years” but East Malaysians residing in West Malaysia will have to abide by the “Allah for Muslims only” prohibition.

Minister Nazri explained this latest mind-blogging stance of the federal government.

“Christians in Sabah and Sarawak need not worry over this issue because it is a common tradition there. I have been to an Iban church service and I heard ‘Allah’ used there,”, Nazri explained.

The government’s chief court jester then proceeded into his usual habit of placing both of his feet into his mouth.

On why the different positions for East and West Malaysia, this clown proffered that “the situation in the Peninsula is different as ‘Allah’ was only introduced into Christian worship and publication a few years ago”.

“Muslims in Peninsular Malaysia cannot accept it as ‘Allah’ was never used in Christian preaching until recently and they questioned the motive behind the substitution of Tuhan for ‘Allah’.”, was his explanation.

On this explanation, can it then be taken that the Sikhs in West Malaysia are free to continue to use ‘Allah’ which has been in their liturgy, so I’m told, for as long as the faith has been practised?

And if so, why can’t the Christians here do likewise?


wannabe stand up comic then proceeds to claw himself into this deep inextricable abyss and spews the rubbish that we have grown accustomed to hear from him.

Christians should recognise that using ‘Allah’ in their worship and publications is sensitive to Muslims, he says.

Therefore, he says, the government has a duty to stop acts of disrespect and provocation that inflame religious and racial feelings in the nation even if there was no law that stated that these acts were wrong.

Acts of worship where Allah is called upon is disrespectful amd provocative?

The next statement seems to fortify suspicions that if you shine a beam of light through this imbecile’s left ear, it travels unimpeded and exits through the right.

Nazri cites as an example the cow head case in Shah Alam where, he says, although there was no law to criminalise cow-head stomping, the government moved to act against those perpetrators. The logic being that, if it was not criminal to put one’s foot on a cow head, yet the government has taken action against the cow-head stompers of Shah Alam, surely we can understand that even though there is no law criminalising the use of “Allah” by adherents of other faiths besides Islam, the government can and must take action.

In case this dodo of a minister thinks we do not know, those stompers were his own party members, who were probably acting on the instructions of party higher-ups. Certainly, we know that Home Minister Hishamuddin made a valiant attempt to defend their actions via a televised press conference. We all know about that one, don’t we?

Was the cow-head stomping an act of worship by the perpetrators, that this duffo should equate it with the mention of Allah by Christians in their worship?

If so, can someone please lodge a report against these stompers for deviant practises with the Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor.

This government bright spark insists that it was not the government that took this matter to court, thus leading to the crisis we now face in the country. He blames the Catholic Archibishop.

He has forgotten that had the Home Minsitry not gotten mischievous and issued its ban order, none of this would have happened.

This next statement takes the cake.

“Banning the use of ‘Allah’ by Christians was a pre-emptive move to stop outbreaks of religious violence in the nation,”.

This fool of a minister, with reference to the finding by Justice Lau Bee Lan that “there was no evidence to show that the use of ‘Allah’ (by non-Muslims) could incite violence”,  alludes to the attacks on the churches last week as proving that the government was right in its pre-emptive strike.

I had tea with some UMNO people early this week. They confirmed that UMNO was behind the initial church attacks.

Another Malaysiakini report today has it that a cabinet reshuffle may be underway.

Would it be too much to hope that we might all be put out of a misery of having to endure this fool anymore?

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