Zul no fear little pharaohs. Zul have Big Chief Sitting Bull by the …

Posted on January 27, 2010


Lil’ Hummingbird caught up with me for  drinks last night.

“Zul got  a battering from most of those at the PKR politburo meeting earlier. Most made it clear that this fool had become a liability to the party and would no longer be tolerated.”, he volunteered, as he beckoned the waitress to attend to his near-empty glass.

“Guess who came to his aid, though, and saved his sorry ass, for now at least?”, he asked, practically emptying the glass that had just been filled.

“Who?”, I asked, just as I caught the attention of the waitress and signalled her to get him another pint.

“Big Chief Sitting Bull and his two sidekicks,”, he volunteered.

“Who the hell is that?”, I asked.

“Damn it, can’t you even figure that one out?”, he threw back at me.

“Who?”, I repeated, my impatience showing.

“Anwar, as lead counsel, Azmin and Jui Meng playing second fiddle.”, he rattled.

“Aw, come on. Even Malaysiakini reported yesterday that Anwar had said that this time the idiot had gone too far, and had demanded an explanation from Zul. Having taken such a position publicly, why the about-turn now?”, I asked, unable to hold back my dsibelief at what I had just been told.

“Aiyoh, you are so @#$%^&* naive. Bloody politician, isn’t he? When do they ever say anything and really mean it? They just tell us what they’re sure we want to hear. Bloody sandiwara, that’s what it was. A lot of ‘cakap tak bikin’.”

“You know why? Anwar’s afraid of how Malay voters will react if Zul is sacked or suspended for what some may perceive as he having acted in defence of Islam. So what does he do? Orders Zul to shut the @#$% up and send this matter to the Disciplinary Committee of the party. That way, if the DC takes any decisive action, at least no one can point a finger at Anwar. Better still, may be between now and when the DC is supposed to hear this matter, something else will come up to draw attention away from this idiot’s latest antics,”, he went on.

“People, even within the party, are beginning to talk, though.”, he offered, and, deliberately, I think, left it at that.

I took the bait.

“Ok, what’s the talk?”, I asked.

He looked impishly at his empty glass.

“Miss, one more for my friend, please”.

“Zul has Big Chief by his you-know-what. Nobody knows quite what it is, though. At least, no one is saying anything. Just yet.”, he blurted, as he gulped down the newly arrived pint.

He got up to go, but paused long enough to promise to go dig for details if he thought I’d be a little bit more generous next time round.

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