Will you do your part to make PKR Zul-free?

Posted on January 28, 2010


Received the following e-mail from Lil’ Hummingbird this morning.


“Much sound and fury from you and your readers on this Zul idiot. Is that all you are good for? Noise and little else?

Much confusion has been generated over this idiot’s antics.

He has tried to frame the debate over his alleged attempts to protect Islam and Allah. In other words, he is trying to project himself as an Islamic warrior and hero.

Truth is, the issue is not about defending Islam.

The issue is not about defending Allah.

The sheer arrogance on the part of this idiot to suggest that Allah, The Almighty, would require defending by a mere mortal?

And by the likes of this idiot?

Wouldn’t  such a declaration in itself  constitute an insult to Allah?

The real issue is politics.

The issue is about gross indiscipline.

The issue is about a cumulative pattern of openly defying the party leadership’s directives to Zulkifli to cease and desist.

The issue is about putting the party to public ridicule and contempt.

The issue is about jeopardizing the party’s relationship with PAS by lodging a police report against Khalid Samad and demanding that he be arrested under the Sedition Act.

The other idiot in the party, Azmin Ali,  has tried to defend Zulkifli by asking why action is being taken against a Muslim and not against a Christian, in reference to Dato Jeffrey Kitingan.

That is the wrong question.

And asking the wrong question gives you the wrong answer!

If you feel as I do about the need to sack this idiot immediately, let his defender, Azmin Ali, know your feelings, especially if you are voting in his constituency – ukay64@yahoo.com.

Meanwhile, you can contact your ADUN or MP or Senator as listed below to let them know that you will only support a Zul-free PKR.

Tell them not to @#$% around with you anymore if they want to continue to be relevant after GE13.

This is important as there is an important meeting to make a decision on Zulkifli Nordin in PKR this Sunday, 31st Jan 2010 involving all of them.

Or are you only good at bitching and griping in blogosphere and, otherwise, quite impotent to do anything else ?”


The contact details of your PKR MP / ADUN / Senator :

MPs & Senators

Kedah: Senator Zamri Yusof <zamri04@yahoo.com>, Kuala kedah hj ahmad kassim <mpkk08@gmail.com>, Kulim Zulkifli Nordin <zul_lawyer@yahoo.com>, Merbok Rashid Din <pkrmerbo@streamyx.com>, Padang Serai Gobalakrishnan a/l Nagapan <gobalakrishnan23@gmail.com>, Sg Petani Dr Dato Johari Abdul <johariabdul55@yahoo.com>

Kelantan: machang saifuddin nasution <saifuddinnasution@yahoo.com>, Tanah Merah Amran Ab Ghani <amk_t.merah@yahoo.com>, Ketereh Ab Aziz Ab Kadir azkaketereh@gmail.com

KL: Ampang Zuraida Kamaruddin <zuraida.kamaruddin@gmail.com>, Bandar Tun Razak Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim <sekun26@yahoo.com>, Batu Caves Chua Tian Chang <tianchua@gmail.com>, Lembah Pantai Nurul Izzah Anwar <nurianwar@gmail.com>, Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong weechookeong@gmail.com

Negri Sembilan: Telok Kemang yb dato kamarul baharin abbas <kam_1011@yahoo.com>

Pahang: Indra Mahkota Azan Ismail <azan@sesamaventures.com>, kuantan fuziah salleh <fuziah99@yahoo.com>

Penang: Balik Pulau Mohd. Yusmadi Mohd Yusoff <yusmadi.yusoff@gmail.com>, Bayan Baru yb dato zahrain mohamed hashim <dzahrain@gmail.com>, Nibong Tebal Tan Tee Beng <dttbeng@hotmail.com>, Permatang Pauh anwar ibrahim <anwar.ib@gmail.com>, Senator pak mus mustafa kamal mohd yusoff <mkmy_penang@yahoo.com>

Perak: Bagan Serai Mohsin Fadzli Haji Samsuri <mohsinfadzli@gmail.com>, Gopeng Dr. Lee Boon Chye <leeboonchye@gmail.com>,

Selangor: Kuala Langat abdullah sani abd hamid <ahliparlimen.klgtp112@gmail.com>,

Gombak azmin ali <ukay64@yahoo.com>, Hulu Selangor Zainal Abidin Ahmad <napilangat@yahoo.com>, Kapar Manikavasagam a/l Sundaram <mike_dato@yahoo.com>, Kelana Jaya Loh Gwo-Burne <loh.gwoburne@gmail.com>, PJS hee loy sian <heels70@gmail.com>, Selayang William Leong <wileong97@gmail.com>, Subang R Sivarasa <parliamentsubang@gmail.com>, senator dr syed husin <husinsa23@yahoo.com>


Kedah: “Bakar Arang Tan Wei Shu” <tanweishu@kedah.gov.my>, “Bt Selambau S Manikumar” <mansub50@yahoo.com>, “Kulim Lim Soo Nee” <snlim88@yahoo.com>, “Sidam Tan Joon Long @ Tan Chow Kang” <pkrsp.015@gmail.com>,

Kelantan: “Gucil Tuan Zamri Ariff Tuan Zakaria” <adunguchil@yahoo.com>,

Negri Sembilan: “Ampangan Rashid Latiff” <ybrash@streamyx.com>, “Chuah Chai Tong Chai” <adunchuah@gmail.com>,  “Port Dickson Ravi a/l Munusamy” <ravipdm@yahoo.com>, Sikamat “Aminuddin Harun” <aminuddin_hasni@yahoo.com>,

Penang: “Balik Pulau Abdul Halim Hussain” <halim@penang.gov.my>, “Batu Maung Abdul Malik Kassim” <amk_keadilantanjong@yahoo.com>, “Batu Uban Raveentharan a/l Subramaniam” <raveenkeadilan@gmail.com>, “Bt Tambun Law Choo Kiang” <cklaw70@yahoo.com.tw>, “Bt Tengah Ong Chin Wen” <ocw77@yahoo.com>,  “Kebun Bunga Jason Ong Khan Lee” <jason_okl@yahoo.com>, “Machang Bubuk Tan Hock Leong” <hltan_5057@yahoo.com.my>, “Pantai Jerejak sim tze tzin” <simtzetzin@gmail.com>, “Penanti Dr Mansor Othman” <mansor@penang.gov.my>,  “Sungai Bakap Makhtar Shapee” <maktar@streamyx.com>,

Perak: ” Kuala Sepetang Tai Sing Ng” <taisn508@gmail.com>,  “Simpang Pulai Chan Ming Kai” <chanmingkai@hotmail.com>, “Teja chang lih kang” <changlihkang@gmail.com>, “Parit Buntar S. Kesavan” <ksevan72@yahoo.com>,  ” Abdul Yunus b Jamahri” <yunusjamsari@yahoo.com>,

Sarawak: “Dominique Ng Kim Ho” ng_dominique@yahoo.com

Selangor: “Batu Caves amirudin shari” <amirudin.shari@gmail.com>,  “Batu Tiga Rodziah Ismail” <og_mail@yahoo.com, “Bt Antarabangsa azmin ali” <ukay64@yahoo.com>, “Bt Lanjan Elizabeth Wong” <bukitlanjan2008@gmail.com>, “Bt Melawati muthiah m pillay” <jupro1148@yahoo.com>,  “Ijok Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim” <sekun26@yahoo.com>,  “Kg Medan Haniza Mohd Taha” <hanizat@gmail.com>, “Kota Anggerik Yaakop Sapari” <akobqps@yahoo.com>,  “Rawang gan pei nei” <peinei81@gmail.com>,   “Sri Andalas Dr Xavier Jayakumar” <drxavier@selangor.gov.my>,  ” Seri Setia Nik Nazmi” <niknazmi@niknazmi.com>, kajang cikgu lee kim sin” <leekimsin@gmail.com>, “Sri Muda Mat Shuhaimi Shafiei” <sshuhaimi@yahoo.com.au>,

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