Was it a Bar or political party protest at Bukit Aman yesterday?

Posted on April 1, 2010


Got to Bukit Aman yesterday a little after noon to stand in solidarity with Amer.

The KL and Selangor Bar, collectively, have at least 7,000 members, if not more, I would think.

Yet lawyers who showed up yesterday to lend support for the protest numbered in the region of about 80.

100, at most.

“Why?”, I wondered.

A friend who was also there and with whom I shared a teh tarik last night offered a plausible reason.

She volunteered that the whole protest, right from the initial publicity, the efforts to meet with the IGP and dealing with the police on the ground at Bukit Aman yesterday appeared to have been handled by lawyers, yes, but lawyers affiliated with PKR.

“Why was the Bar Council not initiating and leading this protest?”, she asked.

I pointed out that the Bar president and other office bearers were there.

“Yes, but did it look like they were leading the protest?”, she retorted.

I had to concede that she had a point.

Was that why there were so few lawyers present to show solidarity with a fellow lawyer who had been manhandled by police as he attempted to do his duty by his client?

Had many lawyers in KL and Selangor perceived this to be a political party protest and chosen to stay away?

Or has nothing really changed at the KL and Selangor Bar?

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