Of course Perkasa is not so extreme, when compared to Najib

Posted on April 5, 2010


“Perkasa is not so extreme, if you listen to them carefully. They can shout about Malay rights as long as they are not extreme in their views, and you know, to the extent that we can accommodate Perkasa. And we can accommodate also the non-Malays as well”, Najib is quoted in this Malaysiakini report as having said this in an interview aired on Al-Jazeera.

Najib might have a point here.

He did not say ‘not extreme’, but ‘not so extreme’.

All very relative.

In a post here on 18th June, last year, I had written :

“Was Najib at the UMNO youth rally on 17th October 1987?


Was he leading that rally?

He was then acting UMNO youth chief. I’d say yes.

Did he raise the keris and issue words to the effect that the blood of the Chinese would be spilled?

Don’t know.

Even if he did not, was he not leading  a rally that had on display enough paraphanelia that spelt out the threat to spill blood of a particluar segment of our Malaysian community without the need for Najib or anyone else to vocalise it or brandish weapons?”

Sure, Ibrahim and Mahathir Kutty were recently seen prancing around on a stage, wielding keris like a bunch of pansy school boys, but no-one has reported them making any threats to spill the blood of any particular community.

Compared to what ole pink lips has threatened to do, and is said to have done, Perkasa are pussycats!

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