Come on, PKR, quit messing around!

Posted on April 12, 2010


Lil’ Hummingbird caught up with me at Tanjung Malim yesterday.

“Why you wasting your time trying to get civil society volunteers to go to Hulu Selangor to campaign for Pakatan?”, he asked.

“You’re pissed off about something. What is it?”, I asked back.

“Did you read the Malaysiakini report today? PKR may field Zaid as their Hulu Selangor candidate if BN fields Palanivel. However, they may make an 11th hour change if BN opts for someone other than Palanivel!


Does it matter who BN fields? Isn’t Zaid still the best amongst the names that have been bandied about?”.

I took a quick look at the report in Malaysiakini.

“The report quotes party insiders as its source. Reliable or not?”, I asked.

“Party insiders? I have a few things I can tell you about party insiders. Let’s wait for nomination day first and see what happens”, LH replied.

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