A teaser for Kerismudin and the rest of the UMNO munafik, lest they forget!

Posted on April 19, 2010


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On nomination day at Kuala Kubu Baru, UMNO supporters had only one clarion issue to cry out.

‘Kaki botol! Kaki botol!’.

Posters have begun to appear everywhere with a superimposed picture of Zaid downing a bottle of God knows what.

That tells you how bankrupt they are of issues to take up in this by-election!

And Zaid has not let me down.

He’s taken the rubbish that they’ve thrown at him square on his chin and, like the gentleman that I’ve come to know him to be, has refused to return like for like.

Malaysiakini reported yesterday that Zaid saidย  “I am not like Umno leaders. They are hypocrites” and then ” confessed to reporters that he did indeed consume alcohol, as alleged by BN in their campaign, but only in his younger days, and that he has now repented”.

Zaid also made the pertinent observation that his “immorality did not stop BN from fielding him as a candidate, and appointing him as law minister”.

The same Malaysiakini report has it that when askedย  “if he would play the same game and speak about the vices of his former party-mates, he said that he had a “better pedigree than that”.

Well, I don’t have your pedigree, Zaid.

That’s right, Zaid, you address the real issues that the good people need to know about how UMNO is sending this country straight to the cesspool.

Leave it to the bloggers to deal with those hypocrites in UMNO.

Let’s start with the most dishonest Home Minister this nation has ever had to endure.

Malaysiakini also reported yesterday that Kerismudin said that Umno is not behind the allegation of alcohol-guzzling habit against Zaid and that it was raised by bloggers.

Oi dumbo, when are you going to get it through that thick skull of yours that the public are not as stupid as you think?

Bloggers making up the UMNO crowd on nomination day and chanting “Kaki botol! Kaki botol!”?

Bloggers running around the constituency putting up that superimposed picture I mentioned above?

You think everybody stupid, ah?

Somewhat cheekily, this dumbo is reported to have then said, “What are they afraid of, why panic if it is not true?”.

Recognise this, dumbo?

Anchor beer, huh?

What ere you afraid of, dumbo, if this is not true?

This is not new. Read the original expose HERE.

You want to see more photos, dumbo?

Any of you UMNO munafik want to see your spicy stories on prime time blogosphere?

How your kids misbehave here and overseas?

I swear I will spare no one.

Or should we allow this election to be about real issues affecting the people?

You shithead UMNO munafiks decide if you want cyberspace to be peppered with your bloody scandals.

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