Posted on April 21, 2010


Kama-lie-nathan, when asked about his sucking up to UMNO and PERKASA and his kissing Muhyiddin’s hand as an instance of this  : “Kiss Muhyiddin’s hand? Chi chi chi! When I kiss his hand?”

Then the photograph emerges.

Click this photo to go to the blog that has the full story on this.

Kama-lie-nathan’s response to the photo proof of his sucking-up ways : “Aiyo, this also want to make big, big, ah? It’s our culture, lah, to suck up to our elders. I was raised to suck up to important people, lah. Only this, lah”.

Ok. so he was born into hand-kissing. Not his fault. Let’s not make small, small thing big lah.

Let’s look at bigger things.

Like fraudulently laying claim to a professional qualification that one does not have.

RPK has done some serious digging up on this MIC candidate for the forthcoming Hulu Selangor by-election.

Kama-lie-nathan’s CV has it that he studied at the Edith Cowan University and was awarded a Bachelor of Mass Communication.

Wah, impressive.

Don’t play-play.

A check was made with the university.

Quoting RPK : ” The Australian university, however, has no records of him ever going there. A phone call was made to the university and they confirmed that they have no records of Kamalanathan”.

Is the BN candidate a fraud?

Media people, next time the BN candidate holds a press conference, please ask him to produce his Bachelor’s Degree from Edith cowan University to disprove this allegation.

Until he does so, this blog shall continue to refer to the BN candidate as Kama-lie-nathan.

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