Was the tiger food-drunk or doped?

Posted on May 29, 2010


You having a public event or show that involves a tiger close up to the audience?

Well, make sure the tiger has been fed.

So that food is the last thing on its mind when it interacts with the audience.

A’Famosa Animal World Safari general manager Allan Chee, seemingly responding to suggestions by certain quarters that the tiger that was captured on video at one of the Safari’s public shows, appearing drowsy and almost lifeless, might have been drugged, proffered that the tiger “was just drowsy and lazy after being fed” and was being prodded to get into position. You can read about this in Malaysiakini HERE.

I’ve heard of and seen and helped captured pythons that become near totally unresponsive to any sort of prodding after ingesting, but a tiger that has eaten until food-drunk?

View first this video of a tiger at a dinner show. You will note that it appears to be well-fed. Perhaps, even too well-fed, or lacking in enough space to stay in that lean shape it would have in its natural habitat.

Now view the video clip of the tiger at the A’Famosa Animal World Safari that is said to be “just drowsy and lazy after being fed” .

Food-drunk or doped?

And if the latter, I suppose Ali Rustam will insist that doping this tiger to earn a few ringgit is also a God-given right.

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