Oi, Wee Wee, screw us one time not enough, ah?

Posted on June 3, 2010


Once disqualified and now discredited MP Wee screwed the constituents of Wangsa Maju when he declared himself an independent candidate, having won the seat on a PKR ticket during the 12th GE.

Does he honestly believe he won the seat on the strength of his own credentials?

If so, why’d he contest on a PKR ticket and not as a candidate from his own party, MDP?

What is MDP, you ask?

I rest my case.

Now Wangsa Majurians are without representation in Parliament as Wee has plainly demonstrated that he only acts in his own interest.

Well, his and UMNO’s.

Mind you, he’s still banking in his MP’s cheque every month without earning it.

Money for nothing!

Must have developed a taste for this from his political masters in UMNO!

As if it’s not enough that he has shortchanged the Wangsa Majurians, this low life also set out to screw the tax payers to the tune of RM100,000 by trying to get a High Court judge to overturn the decision of the Public Service Department not to pay him any pension in relation to his election as MP for Bukit Bintang in 1995, as  the Election Court on Aug 2, 1995, disqualified him as Bukit Bintang MP. The Malaysian Mirror has the story HERE.

In effect, he did not then serve the constituents of Bukit Bintang but he’d still like to have the perks that went with the job.

Again, money for nothing.

Whilst these days I’m more often than not disenchanted by the pronouncements by our courts, justice seemed to have been served when the judge told this MP without a constituency to sod off.

This slimeball is so thick-skinned and shameless, I will not be at all surprised if he offers himself again as a candidate come the 13th GE.