What that, ah? PKFZ new highway, ah?

Posted on June 7, 2010


“I also have to know exactly what the PKFZ is about”,  new Transport Minister Kong Chor Ha told reporters upon assuming his office today, reports Malaysiakini.

Can someone tell this imbecile that what PKFZ is about depends on where one is coming from.

From the perspective of the elite in power and their cronies, it represented a ‘too good to be true’ opportunity to squirrel away RM12.6 billion of the rakyat’s money.

For the 40% of the population who have to make ends meet each month on a monthly income of RM1,500 or less, it represents, amongst a great many other thing, lost educational opportunities for their children who have done well in public examinations but are unable to get scholarships to pursue tertiary studies.

Just wondering, though.

If this dungoo is not clued on as to what PKFZ is all about, what was he talking about when he said that “enough investigations and studies have been done on that issue. So, I don’t think there is need to (re-examine) the investigation” ?