DNBN Kuburkan BN : I join HRP in demanding for justice and equality for our children

Posted on June 10, 2010


Watch Ravien from 3 minutes into the video clip.

Feel his frustration and anguish, his sense of abandonment by the very people he ought to have been able to look to for a shot at making good in life.


You and I.

We are a rich oil-producing country and yet we cannot ensure that Ravien and every other deserving student has an equal opportunity to pursue their scholarly ambitions.


For decades, we placed power in the hands of a racist BN and then looked the other way as they systematically denied to so many of our children an equal right to a decent education.

We lived in our own comfort zone, in our middle-class homes, and gave little thought to those that were marginalised by the system.

What reason have we given Ravien and the other children to love this country?

How long more will we allow this to go on?

This must stop.

We must stop this.

Together, we can.