The two faces of lying Bung Munafiq Radin

Posted on June 10, 2010


Bung was at the very heart of the pandemonium that broke out in the Senate Lounge in Parliament yesterday, as reported by Malaysiakini.

His grievance?

The security of MPs, Bung complains, was jeopardised by the presence, in the lounge, of outsiders ( understand this to mean us lowly rakyat ).

“How can security allow these people ( understand this again to mean us lowly rakyat ) to simply come into the Parliament?”, Bung demanded to know.

“Hormati Parlimen! Cakap first class Parlimen. Apa first class? Low class!…ini biadap punya kerja, orang takda pendidikan punya…”, Bung ranted.

Watch the first video clip to catch Bung at his self-righteous, indignant, pontificating, best.

And if any of you need any reminding, here’s Bung emphatically making his point about how low into the cesspool our Parliament has sunk.

“Asked what he meant with his gesture, Bung Mokhtar said: “I was angry with him, I make like that (hand gesture again). He called me bodoh, I say you bodoh too.”

When told that a lot of people who watched the incident on live television saw it as a lewd gesture, he said: “No, I don’t know what is their interpretation but it was nothing for me, I (just gestured) like that (hand gesture).” – excerpt from a report in the Sun2Surf dated 8th July, 2008. You can read that report in full HERE.

Check  out Bung’s ‘make like that’, in the video clip below.