Will PAS come, body, mind and soul, to the middle path?

Posted on June 14, 2010


In the 2004 general elections, PAS was severely punished for the Islamic state blue print that they came out with, having fallen for the needling from Mahathir to walk their ‘negara Islam’ talk.

They learnt from that experience, it seems, and learnt well.

12th GE, there was no mention of ‘Islamic state’ in their election manifesto.

They went one step further.

They endorsed the People’s Declaration.

And for the first time, they were able to forge a working relationship with DAP.

They have just concluded their annual general assembly.

YB Khalid Samad spoke to Malaysianinsider about a proposal called “PAS action plan for the 13th general elections” by which PAS aims to capture  37 Parliamentary seats presently under the belt of Umno to add to PAS’s own 23 seats.

They’re targeting 60 parliamentary seats in the next general election.

The stated objective : to replace Umno as the core of national politics based on leadership by Islamic values.

I’d like to know what is meant by ‘leadership by Islamic values’.

Islamic values determined by whom?

Would moves to ban rock shows and the sale of alcohol come within ‘leadership by Islamic values’?

PAS must make explicit whether they are prepared to respect and uphold that the constitution gives to the citizenry, both Muslim and non-Muslim, the right of choice in many matters of a personal nature.

Would ‘leadership by Islamic values’ honour this?

That PAS is serious in pursuing this 13th GE agenda is made clear by their opening of this year’s assembly to non-Muslim delegates, a move that is clearly intended to make the Islamist party more acceptable to non-Muslim voters.

New PAS supporters wing chief Hu Pang Chow states that the supporters wing, with about 20,000 members, are an asset to the Islamic party in winning over Malay and non-Malay votes, and demonstrates PAS’ inclusiveness.

“The important thing is to make sure Pakatan and PAS win big so that we can take over Putrajaya”,  Hu said.

Take over Putrajaya with ‘leadership by Islamic values’?.

Same old questions come to mind.

Whose values?

How’s it going to impact on our daily lives?

Will Hu and the 20,000 members use their position in the party to exact the answers to the many questions so many in civil society have about how this ‘leadership by Islamic values’ might pan out?

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