Cash Vendor Sings the blues no more in Malim Nawar

Posted on June 15, 2010


Addendum : Malaysianinsider reports that ‘it is understood that the first-term assemblyman has personal money issues and his car had been repossessed after defaulting on the month(ly) repayments’.


25th February, last year, Malam Nawar state assemblyman, Cash Vendor, alleged that he had been propositioned by certain quarters with the sum of RM20 million and a state executive councillor post as inducement to quit his party, DAP, and become an independent or join BN.

And if he joined BN, the Perak MIC head’s post could also be his.

Cash said then that these offers were made by agents claiming to represent then DPM Najib.

“I urge Najib to come forward and explain the matter because this shows that the federal government is corrupt and desperate,” , Cash said.

Malaysiakini has that story HERE.

Ah, but that was then.

Cash has since seen the bright lights of BN.

Today, Malaysiakini reports that Cash announced that he was calling it quits on DAP.

He is now an independent who supports BN.

Yes, the same BN that he said last year was resorting to corrupt practices to garner his support.

His reason : DAP has not helped him in his constituency, and that he has had to use his own funds.

A matter of cash, Cash?

Cash says he’s clean, though, and denies that cash was involved in his decision to quit DAP. If we are in doubt, he says, then feel free to check his bank accounts.

And he says he did it for the well-being of the people of Malim Nawar.

“I know the initial response from my constituents won’t be good, but I will go to the ground to explain to them that I did this for their good,” , Cash says.

Gues what, Cash?

We’re going to go to ground, too, to explain to your constituents what a political whore you are!