Gracefully retired? Mahathir? Spin with some credibility, lah, Syed!

Posted on June 20, 2010


I’d heard recently through the UMNO grapevine that Syed is Mahathir’s latest chief bull-shit artist in blogoshpere, and so I’ve been dropping in at his blog from time to time to see if there was anything in his posts that might confirm or dispel the rumour.

He’s been critical of Najib in several of his recent posts, which more or less sat quite snugly with the juicy details of the ongoing skulduggery that’s said to be unfolding amongst the various factions in UMNO. I’ll save details of this for another post.

His post, ‘Tun Musa Hitam : Be Gone’ certainly confirms that he’s a member of the pack of running dogs of Mahathir, even if not top dog.

In that post, having whacked Musa for having not done the decent thing of resigning over the recently disclosed Sime Darby losses, he then alludes to Musa’s criticism of Mahathir’s refusal to relinquish power, and then Syed draws a comparison between both Musa and Mahathir.

“Tun Musa Hitam is famous for his dinner table tirades against “Mahathirism”. Mahathir was egoistic, he refused to relinquish power, he was authoritarian bla bla bla. But arent you the hypocrite now Sir? Mahathir has been gracefully retired for seven years. Strange behaviour for an authoritarian tyrant, isnt it? Yet you are refusing to own up to responsibility in running just one company – Sime Darby. The mind cannot help wondering if you had become the Premier. More “full frontal” assaults perhaps?”

Really, Syed?

So was that Mahathir’s twin brother from Kerala speaking at the Bangkit flop in Terengganu two days before your post?

The same twin brother who’s been spewing hate and trying to drive a wedge between the people to save his own sorry ass?

Really, Syed, I hope he’s making it worth your while trying to save his rakyat-robbing ass, because it is causing you big time credibility-wise.

In my books, it has.

Oh , and by the way, did you say ‘semen from a woman’ in your ‘DNA Forensics’ post?

Did I read that right, Syed?

Semen from a woman?

I was always poor at science, but I could have sworn that semen was only discharged by men.

Got me wondering if I had got that wrong all these years, so I checked it out at Wikipedia. Here’s what it says.

“Semen is an organic fluid, also known as seminal fluid, that usually contains spermatozoa. It is secreted by the gonads (sexual glands) and other sexual organs of male or hermaphroditic animals and can fertilizefemale ova. In humans, seminal fluid contains several components besides spermatozoa: proteolytic and other enzymes as well as fructose are elements of seminal fluid which promote the survival of spermatozoa and provide a medium through which they can move or “swim.” The process that results in the discharge of semen is called ejaculation”.

Does read like semen is rather a ‘male’ thing, no? is emphatic that it is indeed a ‘male’ thing.

You, though, say otherwise, even as you castigate just about every other person who doubts the fides of the ongoing sodomy trial as being semi-literate and as having the knowledge of DNA that matches a monkey’s knowledge of the Stock Market.

Now, there is no question that you are anything other than literate, given your having shared with us your in-depth knowledge of DNA culled from surfing the internet, but would it be fair to ask, Syed, given your contention that women discharge semen, if your knowledge and understanding of the human reproductive system matches that of a donkey sitting cross-legged and contemplating the next move in a chess game?

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