…and the Star Chamber shows its hand…

Posted on June 27, 2010


“Not at all. I fully support Khalid’s leadership as chief minister…there is no fraud, abuse of power and corruption. In this respect, Khalid has been doing good work…Therefore he runs a clean administration … But there are bureaucratic problems. This should be streamlined” , Malaysiakini quoted Azmin, in response to allegations that he was leading efforts to oust Khalid as Selangor MB.

Damn, could almost feel genuine warmth and affection accompanying those words!

He insists that the press have misinterpreted his criticism of Khalid’s administration to depose the MB.

Haven’t we heard this line all too often from the likes of Nazri and Muhyiddin?

Azmin, your UMNO roots are showing through, lah!

The Malaysiakini report carried the denials of 4 PKR leaders.

Forget Wan Azizah’s.

Teluk Kemang’s Kamarul saw fit to get into the ‘No, no, no’ act.

“There is no petition, no memorandum as reported. If there was, I would know…Who says there are 15 of them? Only the journalists – they are the ones speculating. Why are there 15 and not 20?” , he insisted.

Er, bro, why not 11?

Balik Pulau’s Yusmadi reacted like a Rip Van Winkle who’d just been roused from a long, deep slumber.

“…me, I do not know anything about a conspiracy. What I do know is that this meeting is to strengthen the party ” , he said, in reference to the ongoing PKR retreat in Shah Alam.

As for the others named yesterday in the ‘…eye of the PKR storm…’ post, other than Wee, they are probably just waking up to the fact that they have been led like rats by a self-serving piper down a treacherous path.

And have probably reckoned that the wiser course to take is to just shut up.

Now, surely I don’t have to spell out for you in  neon lights who the main players are?

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