A game of musical chairs at the PKR retreat

Posted on June 29, 2010


Some bright spark at the recently-concluded PKR retreat scored brownie points with he who, for now, calls the shots.

Came up with a solution to the problem in Selangor between Khalid and Azmin, a problem which, according to he who, for now, calls the shots, is a mere figment of the imagination of the BN-friendly media.

That must include Malaysiakini who reported that on the eve of that retreat, 17 out of 22 PKR Selangor division chiefs descended at Khalid’s residence to show their support in light of this media-contrived plot to oust Khalid from the office of MB.

The quick fix to this non-existent problem : musical chairs!

You all know how this game is played, right?

When the music finally stopped and the dust from the scramble for seats had finally settled, Khalid was left standing.

Don’t be surprised if next you attend at the Selangor state secretariat building in Shah Alam, you find the MB working out of the guard house!

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