Can you feel it coming?

Posted on July 11, 2010


I watched the recent Ibrahim Ali – Wee Ka Siong spat and was reminded of something somewhat similar some 23 years ago.

Remember Najib and Lee Kim Sai in 1987?

Najib’s ‘spill the blood of the Chinese’ saga, and Kim Sai’s equally racist rebuttals, that served as the prelude and the forerunner to Ops Lalang?

When Mahathir then caused the ISA net to be cast far and wide, despatching to Kamunting opposition leaders as well as outspoken civil society leaders and reformists?

Yet, the main players to the drama remained at large!

When permits of daily newspapers were suspended?

Can you feel it coming?

Donald ‘recycled toilet paper’ Lim wants a Chinese Perkasa now to counter Ibrahim’s Perkasa’s constant racial assaults.

Ibrahim yesterday warned that “Donald is a dangerous man who is promoting racial tension among NGOs”.

And at the MIC AGM today, Batu Gajah MIC division chief S Pulligesu got in on all the action.

“Whenever we ask for what is rightfully ours, Ibrahim and his members lash out at us and urge the government to revoke our citizenship. Who is he to to ask the government to revoke our citizenship? Instead the government should revoke the citizenship of this troublemaker” , Pulligesu challenged.

Has the stage been set?

Do you feel it coming?

Suara Keadilan permit in jeopardy?


The Rocket’s?

Chegubard’s arrest Friday night last over a Najib – Altantuya post on his blog?

Is this the first of many more?

Do you feel it coming?

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