Evidence that Shamsul Yunos operates his mouth without first engaging his mind

Posted on July 23, 2010


Shamsul Yunos aka Marahku aka rabid canine commented on my ‘Did The Star lie…?’ post at

BTW, good to know you now rely on the Star for your facts… thought you said MSM all liars

or is it only when it suits you

typical haris Ibrahim

and at

so anyway, does the star’s higher number prove that you did not do your homework or picked the number from your ass??

cause the numbers dont tally do they

one figure here one figure there

what is the truth?

why don’t you tell me to read Truth for dummies and how lawyers twist them

and at

when you’re running away you cannot accuse others of running away… its not believable

someone who calls Star liar and now quotes it and gets caught out…

you are the one doing damage control

kalau berani reveal lah your numbers and breakdown who is afraid of teh truth here??

You, see, Shamsul immediately assumes that The Star report quoted forms the basis of the figure of 1,805 deaths in custody.

Silly boy!

Pay attention next time.

Read properly.


If Shamsul had payed close attention to my ‘Who let the dogs out?’ post, he would have noted that I had, at the tail end of the post, said that “…I will give you the full breakdown of how the number 1,805 is arrived at, source reference and all. That exercise, though, might prove me wrong. The number might even be higher. By about 2”.

That should have alerted Shamsul that The Star report cannot be our reference point.

Unless, in Shamsul’s world, 1,805 + 2  =  2,571

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