Understanding the mindset of Flabby Jowls and other UMNO bloggers

Posted on July 23, 2010


If you go to Flabby Jowls’s blog ( commence a course of antibiotics before you do. God knows what you might contract going in there ), you will see a poster in his sidebar.

It opposes the formation of the IPCMC.

Flabby Jowls opposes the IPCMC.

As do the other UMNO bloggers.

The IPCMC, short for Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, was recommended by the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysia Police in May, 2005.


One reason that appears to have propelled the Royal Commission to recommend the IPCMC was the matter of deaths in police custody.

“The police’s lack of professionalism in handling cases of deaths in custody has created suspicion of foul play, doubts and distrust among the dead suspect’s family members, the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysia Police has found.

Shoddy investigations, insensitivity towards a grieving family, delay in notifying them of a suspect’s death, denial of a post-mortem report and failure to offer an oral explanation were also cited as reasons behind a host of complaints documented in the 607-page report.

Citing the case of G Francis Udayappan, the commission said the police had failed to act in accordance with the law by, for example, acting promptly to facilitate an inquest, behaving insensitively towards family members or by denying their request for an independent pathologist.

Most often, said the commission, families of suspects were unaware of their whereabouts until informed about their deaths while in police custody.

It said there was a “severe lack of proper records of action” following a suspect’s arrest including the logs in lockup, investigation and station diaries.

Allegations of tampering with records with regards certain dates and a general lack of transparency were also noted.

In addition, the commission said that police failed to “faithfully follow” provisions in the Lock Up Rules 1953 such as ensuring a safe journey to and from the lock-up after recording of a statement. In one case, the suspect jumped over a corridor wall and fell to his death…

…The commission also found that magistrates and the police failed to order for a post-mortem following custodial deaths, leading to an oversight of possible internal injuries. Only accidental deaths while in police custody are exempted by law.

Concerned with the trend of police invoking the proviso for any custodial death, it recommended that a mandatory inquest be held for any death in police custody.

The police were also found to ‘escape’ responsibility over a suspect by granting bail before sending him/her for a medical examination.

“When the suspect dies in hospital, the death becomes one that had not occurred while in police custody and an inquiry into the death is not mandatory,” it said, adding that police should probe beyond the reasons cited by a pathologist.

Shoddy investigations into custodial deaths were also found where key eye-witnesses including cell-mates, lock-up officers on duty, arresting officers and officers who had earlier examined the suspect were left out of questioning or statements.

Of the total 80 deaths between 2000-2004, only six were inquired into while in 22 others the magistrate or deputy public prosecutor had decided that it was not necessary”Malaysiakini report dated 19th May, 2005.

Can you believe that?

Of the the total of 80 deaths between 2000-2004, only 6 were inquired into. In 22 others, someone somewhere out there in officialdom decided no inquiry was necessary.


What became of the other 52?

Is it then unreasonable to ask what proportion of the 1,805 who died IN OUR PRISONS, POLICE LOCK-UPS AND DETENTION CENTRES, were not inquired into?

And why?

This is the aspiration of the proposed Project 1805.

To get at the truth of these deaths.

UMNO is not interested in the truth.

Neither are their cybertroopers.

Prior to the Rotal Commission report of May, 2005, there was another report by Asian Human Rights Commission dated 24th June, 2004  that documents for posterity some of the many atrocities that have taken place in this country.

May the UMNO cybertroopers choke on the contents of the same, for the injustice they inflict on this nation by their continued role in the dissemination of lies.

You can get the report HERE.

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