I’ve slept, Rocky. Go ahead and respond

Posted on July 24, 2010


Update at 2pm :

Hey, Rocky, I’ve just been alerted that one of your machai, Pure Shiite, has been doing some research for you and has unearthed the number of deaths in custody for the period from 2003 – 2007.


Unfortunately, he has not linked the source document so that readers can check for themselves.

You can check the source document HERE. Go directly to page 14.

You’re almost there, Rocky.

Give us your researched figure for 2008, Rocky


Rocky’s concerned about my possible lack of sleep and loss of reputation.


Thanks Rocky, I’ve slept well.

As for my reputation, don’t you lose sleep over that.

Just look out for your own.

Might be a wee bit too late, though.

You still want me to say how I get the number 1,805?

Are you done playing legerdemain on this matter?

You’ve quit trying to confuse readers?

Are we both now talking about deaths in custody in our remand cells, prisons and detention centres?

And if we are, what figure has your journalistic research unearthed?

You have researched this matter, right?

If you have, tell us now, what figure do you have for deaths in custody in our remand cells, prisons and detention centres for the period from 2003 until July 2009?

Here, let me help you get started.

There were 4 deaths in custody between January and 16th July, of 2009.

Kugan, Gnana Pragasam, Beng Hock and Gunasegaran.

You had this in your research, right?

Your numbers from 2003 to 2008?

Respond, Rocky.

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