And if it should come to pass, then what?

Posted on July 25, 2010


In my ‘Can you feel it coming?’ post on 11th July, I ask :

Has the stage been set?

Do you feel it coming?

Suara Keadilan permit in jeopardy?


The Rocket’s?

Chegubard’s arrest Friday night last over a Najib – Altantuya post on his blog?

Is this the first of many more?

Do you feel it coming?

According to Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA, and as reported by  Malaysiakini, on 15th July, a Malaysian re-entering the country from Thailand was detained under the ISA, allegedly for being involved in an international terrorist network.

We’ll never know, will we, as long as the detention is under the ISA?

And, if RPK is to be believed, the ISA is no longer just about protecting national security, but is also about shielding personal improprieties from public scrutiny.

Dr Kua Kia Soong, himself an ex-ISA detainee, was reported by Malaysiakini on 21st July as saying that ‘there was a good reason why the government was still clutching on to the archaic Internal Security Act’

“The reason is because they want to be ready for a crackdown. It is always there for them in case of a rainy day…Umno seems to be unsure of what to do after the last general election. They are flip-flopping as to whether to continue to be more racist and hold on to their power or to be more attentive to the human rights condition,” , Dr Kua is reported to have said.

UMNO people I’ve spoken to reckon that the Najib administration, aided by advisers with their thinking caps on, would be too bashful to resort to a ‘Ops Lalang’ type crackdown.

“What would de Niro think? Who would duet with Rosmah in New York after that?”, they jokingly asked.

These same UMNO chaps acknowledge, though, that UMNO is not in thinking mode these days and is running around like a desperate two-headed chicken, pulling the leaders and  members in opposing directions, and tearing at the seams of the party.

And, they concede, a desperate UMNO might will resort to the ISA.

A thinking UMNO, they reason, would instead resort to the Sedition Act.

Sedition charge in court, quickie trial, quickie conviction, jail, no bail pending appeal, delayed hearing of any appeal.

Different, somewhat protracted route, but same desired effect.

Voices of the people silenced.

I told them that as UMNO plans, God says in the Holy Qur’an that He too plans and that He is the best of planners. As God assures us that He is only with the righteous, He cannot be with UMNO.

They laughed.

Earlier this week, I spoke to a few ‘voices of the people’.

They all share Dr’ Kua’s point of view.

I want to quote one of them, whose words generally echoed the sentiments expressed by the others.

“I have been speaking up for the freedom of the people. I will continue to do so. If they take me in, it remains to be seen whether the people, like those in 1987, will be indifferent, or will rise to set me free. My fate would be in their hands”

If it should come to pass, then what?

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