PJ Selatan get to know your MP

Posted on August 17, 2010


Since my ‘Get to know your Pakatan MP’ post, the number in the PJ Selatan get to know your MP initiative has grown to 6.

If we can get another 4 volunteers by this weekend, we might be able to plan for a first meeting some time next week.

If you are a registered voter in PJ Selatan and would like to get involved in this effort, send me an e-mail at thepeoplesparliament@gmail.com

I have also received requests for similar initiatives for the following constituencies :

1. Kuching

2. Ipoh Barat

3. Selayang

4. Ampang

5. Kelana Jaya

6. Lembah Pantai

I’m prepared to make time to help get initiatives in these constituencies off the ground and running if there are 10 from each of these constituencies prepared to be involved in the same.

Any takers?