PJ Selatan Get To Know Your MP ready for take-off

Posted on August 21, 2010


I had targeted 10 individuals to work on this initiative.

We have 11 as at the time of writing up this post.

You will each shortly receive an invitation to join the pjselatanget2noyourmp e-group.

Please come in and let’s get to work.

The following constituencies are awaiting sufficient numbers to take off

Ampang – presently only one person

Kelana Jaya – presently twp persons only

Lembah Pantai – only one person

Selayang – just one

Ipoh Barat – two presently

Kuching – just one

Subang – one only

If you’re a registered voter in any of the constituencies listed above and would like to get involved in a ‘Get to know your MP‘ initiative in your constituency, send me an e-mail at thepeoplesparliament@gmail.com