I’d rather say sorry to Anwar than to you

Posted on August 25, 2010


My ‘…who’s going to kick UMNO out of Anwar?’ post has pissed quite a few of you off.

That’s okay.

I’m not in a popularity contest.

Here’s how it works.

I hear news.

And I think it’s important enough for you to know the same.

I’ll post it here.

If fair reporting requires me to try and get clarification from interested parties, I’ll try and do just that.

For the record, I’ve been sms-ing Anwar in June ( and July, I think ) for an opportunity to clarify some pressing issues and not had a response.

I don’t know why.

Now, I hope Anwar will make time to shoot my informants by showing them up as falsehood mongers.

That should be simple enough.

If he does, and I sincerely hope he will, I shall happily post a ‘I’m sorry, Anwar’ post here.

You see, I’d rather apologise to Anwar for having gotten it wrong, than to apologise to you for having suppressed something that was true and that I ought to have shared with you.

That’s how it works in this blog.

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