As ye judge, so shall ye be judged

Posted on August 29, 2010


“Usually the party leadership will just endorse the recommendation … I hope the 12 will accept with open heart. This is a normal process. I request my colleagues not to complicate this matter,” Anwar said.

“Let us give the 12 a chance. They can still appeal. I personally know some of them and I know their commitment is very strong. But we have to go through this process,” he said” – reported in FreeMalaysiaToday, today.


What about the recommendation of the disciplinary committee chaired by Syed Husin Ali in late 2008 to suspend Zul Nordin over his actions in disrupting the Bar Council forum in August 2008, and statements he made thereafter?

How did the party leadership deal with that recommendation?

This is what I wrote in my ‘Zaid’s Common Policy Framework vs Zul Nordin’s ISA’ :

“I spoke to a reliable source in PKR today. I wanted to know what had become of the show cause proceedings against Zul that was initiated last year following Zul’s involvement in the riotous disruption of the forum at the Bar Council auditorium.

I was shocked by what I was told.

The PKR Disciplinary Committee, headed by Deputy President Syed Husin Ali, it seems, had recommended that Zul be suspended from the party.

Anwar, my source tells me, had decided not to give effect to that recommendation but to ‘deal with Zul’ .

Party leadership meets today to decide whether to endorse the recommendation to suspend.

However, given that Anwar’s already urging the 12 to utilise the process of appeal allowed for in he party constitution, does this suggest that the fate of the 12 has already been decided even before the party leadership meet today?

Is this due process in PKR?

If so, Anwar has no moral basis to complain about the treatment that is being meted out to him in our courts.

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