Three beheaded, nine reprieved

Posted on August 29, 2010


The PKR Supreme Council has spoken.

PKR Sabah divisional leaders Daniel John Jambun,   Awang Ahmad Shah and  Moses Iking were each suspended one year, to take effect from 6th January, 2010, for their role in the aborted move to register Parti Cinta Sabah in December last year.

I am given to understand that Jambun was named in the application form submitted to the ROS as the intended president whilst Awang and Moses were respectively named in the application form as deputy president and secretary-general.

The leading role in the proposed formation of that new party was ostensibly offered as the reason for the punishment that was meted out.

The remaining 9 were left of with a warning.

I am given to understand that Dr Jeffery Kitingan, who was at the meeting, reiterated again that the action that the party had moved against the 12 went back on the peace deal that was brokered in December last year.

In this regard, I am also told that Chua Jui Meng, who was present when the terms of the peace deal were hammered out, stood up to inform those present that he had given his guarantee to those involved during the peace negotiations that there would be no witch hunt.

I am also given to understand that Dr Jeffery had brought up the matter of written evidence of the terms that were negotiated but these were brushed aside.

At this time, I have been unable to get through to Dr Jeffery for comment on this latest development.

I have also been informed that the Supreme Council members who were loudest in pushing for decisive action to be taken were Syed  Husin Ali and Ansari. The latter is a known ally of Azmin in Sabah.

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