Dear Zaid

Posted on August 31, 2010


John Khoo in Australia sent this letter to Zaid.

He has authorised me to re-publish it here


Greetings from Downunder and I hope this finds you and the family in the best of health.

The reason that I am writing to you is to voice my concerns regarding the current shenanigans occurring in PR and in particular DAP and PKR. I am extremely disappointed at the parties lack of political nous in its attempt to take Putrajaya. It appears to be an increasing trend that politicians within PR (lesser in PAS) cannot discard their self interest, egotistical approach to life in general and politics in particular.

While there have been many episodes of political setbacks, the latest saga involving the 12 Sabahans is definitely a sure fire way to self destruction for PR.  I think that even Blind Freddy can see that Sabah and Sarawak are the keys to Putrajaya.  It appears that this latest saga will constipate efforts to win hearts and minds of the very people who can deliver these two states to PR.  I believe your political colleagues are taking the Malaysian citizens and your supporters from overseas too much for granted.  In my honest opinion, this is the Mother of all Political Suicide.

The Sabahans and Sarawakians have been short changed for a long time and the timing is ripe to win them over.  However, your colleagues continue to treat them as fools and it won’t last much longer.  These two States have been strongholds for BN because of the very condescending attitude from the Peninsula politicians, thereby giving the local politicians much stronger hold on the political arena there.  Alienating and sidelining political allies in these two key states is the act of a maniac or a political moron of the highest order.  There is no place for egotistical little Napoleons in this battle for Putrajaya.  And until you win the war, you will always be the Opposition.  This self shooting of one’s own foot will be a welcome relief to an embattled government who is on the verge of its own self destruction.  It may just tip the balance in their favour.  Please tell your colleagues to think deep and hard.

Politicians are seen by and large in very poor light but when politicians go about breaking their words blatantly, then it does not auger well but only re-enforces the perception that politicians are scumbags and cannot be trusted.  I think politicians needs to be constantly reminded that they are the servants of the people and are entrusted to serve the very people who puts them there.  They are in effect, like trustees in a board of directors who can easily be removed and replaced if they do a half baked job.  I believe the last thing your colleagues want is to be thrown out just when the crown is almost at hand.

I hope you do not take my comments personally, as it was not meant to be but coming from a passionate supporter who despair at the thought that a ripe time to strike has been slowly turning into a lost opportunity, an opportunity that only comes once and once only.  For your information, I am no longer a Malaysian citizen and therefore have no real incentives to be involved.  However, I am doing this for some of my dear friends and distant relatives who remain in Malaysia because I believe they deserve a better Malaysia.  I also do it because of my innate love for the country of my birth.

Yours Sincerely


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