And they all lived happily ever after…

Posted on September 7, 2010


That’s  how every fairy tale I’ve read ends.

A load of crap, followed by a happy ending.

PKR Sec-Gen Saifudin would have us believe that this whole fiasco of bringing charges against the 12 Sabah PKR leaders was about maintaining party discipline and nothing else.

And after that, he would also have us believe, like in those fairy tales, all will be well in PKR again.

Malaysiakini reports him saying that the “party’s supreme council was prepared to expedite the appeal process so as not to prejudice the 12’s involvement in the party elections later this year”.

Would Saifudin swallow it if Najib explained that Anwar’s Sodomy II trial is being expedited in the hope that by the time he serves his term of imprisonment and waits out his disqualification period of  thereafter, he will be  eligible to contest in the 14th GE?

If he won’t , he should not expect us to swallow the baloney that he is dishing out.

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