The mentality that got us into the cesspool that we’re in now

Posted on September 8, 2010


Remember how so many from amongst us continued to vote for BN, even as we knew that so much was going wrong with the running of the nation?

Remember Tun Salleh’s sacking?

Ops Lalang?

Bank Negara’s forex losses?

Bank Bumi losses?


The sacking of the Al-Arqam commune?

Francis Udayappan?

BN still got voted in again and again.

Sure, the media only fed us what was kosher for BN, so some times we did not know everything that we ought to have known.

Things are different now.

Are things really different now?

Since 25th August, this blog has relentlessly carried postings about the goings-on in PKR.

I have questioned Anwar’s agenda, whether he is still a closet Malay nationalist, and whether the disciplinary action taken against the 12 was part of a Muslim agenda.


Well, it would seem that within the Pakatan leadership, and most of the citizenry, it is a given that if Pakatan emerge victorious from the 13th GE, Anwar is to be PM.

That being the case, should we not scrutinise this man and his politics now?

Should we not investigate every negative bit of news that we come by?

Some of you think otherwise.

Some of you think that we must accept Anwar and Pakatan, warts and all, as this nation needs to be rid of BN.

I agree that we need to rid this nation of the scourge that BN is, but do you not think we need to be discerning about what we put in its place?

Do we blind ourselves to what might still turn out to be very UMNO traits in Anwar and his inner circle now, only to discover these when he is safely installed in Putrajaya?

Have we learnt nothing from the past?

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