PKR Sabah feting Anwar to fireworks on Malaysia Day?

Posted on September 14, 2010


How much damage has the imbroglio of the disciplinary action taken by PKR HQ against Jeffrey’s ‘dirty dozen’ caused to Anwar’s standing vis-a-vis the PKR grassroots in Sabah?

Anwar is due to find out soon, I am told.

Well, both Anwar and Azmin.

They both head out to Sabah tomorrow.

Anwar campaigning for Azmin already?

First stop : Tuaran.

Seems that Ansari, the current Tuaran division head and Anwar’s chosen Muslim poster boy, faces an uphill task in the coming party elections to retain this post. He’s being challenged by Edward Linggu, a known Jeffrey man.

Lesson number 1 waiting for Anwar, I am told.

On Malaysia Day, both Anwar and Azmin head out to Keningau.

Jeffery Kitingan territory.

Both Anwar and Azmin can expect the best of Sabah hospitality, I’m informed.

The calm before the storm?

Anwar heads back to Semenanjung whilst Azmin then takes his campaign to Sarawak.

I am reminded of the poser to me by the Sarawak PKR man in Kota Kinabalu, that I alluded to in my ‘…who will now kick UMNO out of Anwar?’ post.

“Go and ask Anwar if he will deny that his plan is to keep the Dayaks divided so that the Muslims will continue to rule in Sarawak. How different, then, is PKR from UMNO?”

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