UMNO-PERKASA split? Don’t buy this, folks. It’s more like a Dr M + PERKASA – Najib split!

Posted on September 14, 2010


Stud Soi Lek defended Umno today, insisting that he has never heard of any of its leaders being racist.

Makes one wonder whether it was indeed MCA that set up the cameras in that love nest in Batu Pahat, and not UMNO?

Or a joint effort, perhaps?

Whichever, Soi Lek would have us believe that the matter of poor race relations in the country is a post-12th GE phenomena brought on by a scramble to gain support.

Now, if Stud really believes this, MCA is really in the shit-house with him leading the party.

I’ll say this again.

By far and large, we do not have a race relations on the ground.

What we do have, and have had for a long, long time, well before the 12th GE, were bigots and racists in UMNO.

As well as liberals who chose to portray themselves as Malay nationalists to ascend through the corridors of power in UMNO.

KJ is a classic of the specimen last mentioned.

Behold now how he tries to re-cast himself as a moderate, progressive Malay, Malay enough to still be kosher in UMNO, yet seemingly sensitive and open to the reforms that the rakyat at large are clamouring for.

A fine and delicate balancing act of perception management.

KJ’s predicament, in fact, epitomises the situation UMNO found itself in post 8th March, 2008.

The solution?


Export UMNO’s Malay supremacism into PERKASA so that Najib and his BN government could push his 1Malaysia rethoric without seeming to contradict themselves.

Problem is whilst Ib Ali was the poster boy of PERKASA, Dr M was its heartbeat.

And, my sources in UMNO tell me, that for several reasons, Dr M has decided that Najib must go.

The last straw, it seems, is a concern that Singapore may have photos of a meeting in a Singapore hotel that places the prime minister’s crown jewels in the hands of Singapore.


Don’t think so, mate.

It’s a Dr M – Najib parting of ways.

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