Malaysia Day-Dream

Posted on September 15, 2010


By Jayanath Appudurai

I dream that on 16th September 2010 all Malaysians will wake up to see our beloved land differently!

I pray that the all the cosmic forces of the Universe will cast a celestial spell on our people on the night of 15th September 2010.

We will wake up and see the world as only inhabited by one single human race – not ‘races’.

We will also realize that 28 million people are just a mere drop in the ocean of humanity of 6 billion people.

We will understand how insignificant we are, and that it will not trouble the world, if by some divine intervention, we Malaysians are removed from planet Earth and transported as space debris in the still expanding Universe.

Who cares if Malaysia dies? Nobody really!

The world will be a better place because some self-serving bigots decided to ruin this beautiful land and poison the minds of its people.

The people – the fearful ignoramus we are – would be equally guilty of allowing this to have happened.

The citizens of the world will say:

“Imbeciles!  The Creator in His/Her infinite wisdom endowed their land with beautiful natural resources and designed to populate it with inhabitants of all hues, but they failed to appreciate this bounty! They became so arrogant and spiteful of each other that they destroyed themselves. Serves them right, now that they are banished from the face of this Earth.”

But then, this is only a dream!

Perhaps we may get a second chance?

Perhaps we will all wake up on the 16th to see a total transformation in our ‘weltanschauung’?

The Executive will govern as they are supposed to – A Cabinet for all Malaysians.

The Public Service institutions will discharge their duties without fear or favour, and uphold the principles of neutrality and impartiality at all times.

The Parliamentarians will finally understand that they are the People’s Representatives, and will fight for the rights all Malaysians irrespective of ethnicity, colour, creed or class.

The Judiciary will truly be blind in dispensing justice.

The Media will be free and impartial in reporting news, and balanced in analyzing issues.

Civil Society groups, including bloggers, will be truly non-partisan in providing alternative channels for freedom of expression and rational discourse.

And the People will be educated and wise in rejecting all forms of racism and bigotry.

They will understand their Constitution and the rights and responsibilities it enshrines.

They will demand the highest standards of integrity from their elected representatives.

They will no more be led by the nose and react emotionally to issues but discuss rationally their common shared destiny.

They will reach out to their fellow citizens as members of a single human race.

They will work hard and make Malaysia the shining light it was meant to be in the community of nations.

Ah, well pious hope…but hope lies eternal, does it not?

Selamat Hari Malaysia Ke- 47

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