A new era in PDRM with a newly-minted IGP, or business as usual?

Posted on September 18, 2010


“How can we investigate any misconduct if no report is made? If it is true, then why should the public be scared to make a report?” : Selangor CPO Khalid Abu Bakar, addressing allegations of misconduct by police personnel in Selangor, as reported in Malaysiakini.

Khalid was further reported as saying that “The public should not fear to inform the authorities about police misconduct… if they are still scared, then they should communicate directly with me”, and went on to suggest that such information could be channeled to him through his Facebook account.

Khalid, it seems to me, is confused.

Is a police report needed before a matter can be investigated?

Now, RPK reminded us in a post a few days ago that the complaint,  on 28th August, last year,  by ASP Noor Azizul Rahim Bin Taharim, the ADC (aide-de-camp) of finally – retired IGP Musa Hassan, contained in a statutory declaration and alleging many criminal acts by Musa appears to have been NFA’d ( no further action ) by the police.

RPK’s post and the statutory declaration can be read HERE.

Based on RPK’s posting, it appears that Noor Azizul had sent a copy of his statutory declaration to Dr M who, in turn, passed the same on to former IGP Tun Haniff Omar.

In essence, Noor Azizul has made two very serious allegations in his statutory declaration against Musa.

One, that Musa had inappropriate connections with underworld figures, and that these connections extended to a particular underworld figure making decisions on the promotion, posting and ranking of officers in PDRM.

Two, that Musa had directed a covert operation involving the creation of a blog through which false allegations of corruption were made against then deputy minister of Home Security, Johari Baharom.

RPK says that none of these allegations against Musa were ever investigated.

If RPK is wrong and an investigation had been conducted, someone would have had to be charged.

Either Musa, for being implicated in the matters alleged, if found to be true, or Noor Azizul, for swearing out a false statutory declaration, if an investigation had cleared Musa of the charges.

Neither were charged, thereby suggesting that RPK is right in that this matter was never investigated.


RPK’s post does not mention any police report being lodged with regard to the matters raised in Noor Azizul’z statutory declaration.

Might that be the official PDRM reason, if an explanation was now sought for not investigating this matter, given CPO Khalid’s poser : How can we investigate any misconduct if no report is made?

Does this now mean that either Musa or Noor Azizul have gotten off scot-free, because someone in PDRM directed that no further action be taken?

Yesterday, brand new IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar was reported in the Star as saying :“I want all police officers and those in the rank and file to discharge their duties according to the law to upkeep the image of policing” .

All talk?

Test him?

How to investigate if no police report is made, did CPO Khalid say?

Shall we oblige with reports from Kedah in the north through to JB in the south, and in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu,just so our new IGP understands just how seriously we treat this matter and that the image of PDRM under his watch is at stake?

I’d like to hear from you.

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