A sign of what we can expect from an Azmin-led PKR?

Posted on September 18, 2010


Zorro was the first to break the story about the Kudat division elections getting sordid with the attempt to include some 800 illegal immigrants bearing temporary Mykads in the election process.

FreeMalaysiaToday also has briefly reported on this HERE.

Zorro does not know in whose camp Mursalin Tanjul is in.

My source in PKR Sabah confirms that he is in the Azmin camp.

My source has also disclosed that in the Silam division, Johan bin Abdul, the incumbent division youth chief, and who is expected to easily retain this post, is opposed by an Azmin man, Johani Abdul Halim.

When Johan’s nomination papers were submitted earlier, there was no problem.

This morning, hey presto, Johan was informed that he is not on the list of members!

Should we expect more of this in the coming weeks?


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