YB Nurul Izzah states her position on the party elections

Posted on September 18, 2010


I received a copy of a press release from the office of YB Nurul which I reproduce below.


I make this statement to indicate my official position on the Parti KEADILAN Rakyat elections.

I am happy that KEADILAN is going through direct elections, which is a true reflection of our national election process.

Our 400,000 members is a microcosm of the 11 million Malaysian registered voters whose aspirations are expressed in the mandate given to elected leaders through a fair and free election process.

The entire nation is watching on how we conduct our party’s democratic process, as it would be an indicator of how we will govern the nation once given the opportunity.

Therefore, I call upon all candidates to demonstrate their leadership and responsibility in ensuring that party elections become an example for the nation.

A true democratic process welcomes divergent views and a contest of ideas between candidates.

A healthy election happens when we evaluate the ideas presented instead of focusing exclusively on a candidate’s personality.

Let us hear about ideas and solutions from the candidates on how to move the nation forward.

Let us not make the mistake of looking at the messenger only without reflecting on the message.
Let it be about substance not mere form.

Once we have all passed through the rigors and excitement of campaigning, we should close ranks and stand united with our newly elected leaders to bring change and build a better Malaysia.

Let the party elections become a party-building exercise for our members and national confidence-building effort for all Malaysians.

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