Why won’t he get into the ring?

Posted on September 20, 2010


Chua Soi Lek and Ong Tee Keat just slugged it out to see who would lead MCA.

Kayveas and Murugiah are still battling it out for leadership of PPP.

Dr M and Ku Li fought such a bitter battle for the presidency of UMNO in 1986 that finally ended up in the courts and culminated in the original UMNO being declared illegal.

Anwar, I’m told, if he agreed to avail himself for the position of party president, would not face a contest.

And Wan Azizah, as she did ever so gracefully in 2008 in relinquishing her parliamentary seat in Permatang Pauh to cause a by-election that allowed Anwar to make his way into Parliament, would surely make way for Anwar once again.

To-date, according to Malaysiakini, Anwar has received 5 nominations for the president’s post.

Yet he remains adamant that he will not avail himself for the post of president, contending that he has good reasons, without divulging any.

He remains content to hold on to the position of Ketua Umum, a position that has no constitutional basis.


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