The noose is tightening, but around whose neck?

Posted on September 21, 2010


Yesterday, PKR deputy president aspirant Jenapala Perumal Subaan held a press conference whereat he made some very scathing remarks and accusations about the ongoing party divisional elections.

Zorro has carried the full text of Jenapala’s press statement which you can read HERE.

Party Sec-Gen Saifudin Nasution respended swiftly yesterday with a press release that stated in no uncertain terms that Jenapala had been sacked from the party in February, 2009 and had consequently no standing to contest in the ongoing party elections. The statement went on to refute the allegations by Jenapala as baseless.

Anwar’s blog carries the full text of the statement issued by Saifudin which you can read HERE.

Jenapala today has issued another statement, directed at Saifudin : “I am giving him 24 hours to provide the documentary proof to back the claim that I was sacked in February 2009. If Saifuddin does not respond within the stipulated time frame, then I would file a report with the Registrar of Societies and sue these leaders for defamation”.

I spoke to Saifudin a little while ago, whilst earlier this morning, I spoke to Jenapala and another PKR insider who would definitely be in the know as to the goings-on in the party at the material time.

Jenapala confirmed that he had never received any show cause notice from the party, nor was called to attend any disciplinary committee inquiry. He said that to-date, he has not received any formal notification of any decision by the party supreme council of his sacking and his right to appeal any such decision.

“If I was sacked in February, 2009 as they now claim, why would I join Dato Seri Anwar and campaign in the Hulu Selangor by-elections last April?” , Jenapala asked.

The party insider who spoke to me earlier today confirms Jenapala’s claims.

“Salleh ( the former party Sec-Gen ) would be able to confirm whether any disciplinary proceedings were commenced, but I am very certain there has not been any decision of the supreme council in February, 2009 or before, to sack Jenapala. Something is not right. Saifudin better check his facts”, the person said.

Saifudin informed me that when he checked the records at party HQ yesterday, he came upon a letter issued from HQ to Jenapala of and concerning the latter”s sacking from the party.

I asked who had signed the letter.

Saifudin said that he could not recall and that he would be re-checking to ascertain that fact.

I told Saifudin that Jenapala claims that he never received any show cause notice and that no disciplinary proceedings had been taken against him.

Saifudin confirmed that he would be looking into this.

Would he be responding to Jenapala, I asked.

“Yes”, Saifudin confirmed.

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