Was Jenapala sacked or not? Let’s get to the truth once and for all

Posted on September 23, 2010


PKR Sec-Gen Saifudin Nasution held a press conference yesterday where he reiterated once again that deputy president aspirant Jenapala Perumal Subaan had been sacked from the party. Malaysiakini has the report HERE.

I was on the phone with Saifudin twice today.

In the first, I asked if he had confirmation of the letter that he had told me earlier had been sent to Jenapala to notify him of the latter’s sacking from the party.

What was the date of the letter and who signed it, I asked.

Saifudin confirmed that the letter was issued in February, 2009 and signed by the then Sec-Gen, Sallehuddin Hashim.

I drew Saifudin’s attention to Jenapala’s contention that he has never been served with a show cause notice. How?

Saifudin explained that he was not the Sec-Gen at the material time and that he cannot fully recall what happened then, but pointed out that some offences by party members may be of sufficient severity that a decision to  summarily dismiss, without an inquiry process, may be taken. This might be the case with Jenapala. He would have to check to verify if this was the case.

I sms’d my contact in PKR with this bit of information from Saifudin and requested a response. This is what I got by sms.

“How can any member be sacked without MPT approval? So check MPT’s minutes lah! All MPT members have semua minit for that year. Or just ask MPT members whether the issue of his sacking was ever discussed”

I just got off the phone with Saifudin.

Requested a copy of the letter that is said to have been signed by Sallehuddin notifying Jenapala of his sacking.

Saifudin said he was on his way to Kelantan and his staff are out of the office, but he would try to get a copy of the said letter to me by e-mail in the coming days.

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