A Trojan horse with no name, Dato’?

Posted on September 25, 2010


“…the criticism that there is an emergence of “UMNO Culture” in the campaign for party positions is unfounded. At the same time, we cannot rule out entirely the possibility of Trojan horses having found their way in” – Anwar Ibrahim in a press release two days ago.

Found their way in, Dato’,  or long time sleepers from the very inception of the party?

No names, Dato’?

Or should we expect, like your promise to produce evidence, ala Bollywood fashion, of Najib’s involvement in the Altantuya affair and the alleged RM2 million paid to each of the most recent of the PKR defectors, nothing more from you?

Trojan horse?

I’m awaiting evidence, Dato’, of one such Trojan horse, and when the evidence is in hand, I’ll name him.

That’s a promise to you, Dato’.

Meanwhile, Dato’, how about cutting this charade of not backing any of the horses, Trojan or otherwise, in the ongoing PKR party elections that is turning out to be the dirtiest yet?

I understand that your relentless phone calls to Grenda Aing may have led you to believe that you have  secured support for Azmin from the Bidayuh faction in Sarawak.

I am told, though, that whilst you may have the nomination in hand, the members on the ground who will ultimately vote will roundly reject the “divide and perpetuate Muslim rule in Sarawak” politics that you and your anointed one are harbouring.

And your numerous calls to various other divisions today to throw their lot behind Azmin have, I am told, been enough for you to have made calls to certain quarters this afternoon to announce : “Zaid will lose”.

Have you already factored into your calculation the surreptitious outcome of the Jeli division elections today?

First count, nomination to Zaid.

Second count, nomination to Zaid.

Secret ballot, Azmin gets the nod.

I hear your buddy Dato Soon from Sabah is dishing out the goodies in Hulu Selangor to buy nominations for Azmin and Khalid Jaafar.

Is this payback for the banana plantation that you helped secure for him in Ulu Bernam?

On 700 acres of PKNS land, Dato’?

No emergence of UMNO culture, you say, Dato’?

Too right!

PKR has just reached a new high in dirty politics!

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