How many will vote in the PKR polls? Does anyone really know? Who is monitoring and are they aligned to any faction?

Posted on September 27, 2010


I managed to speak to PKR vice-president Sivarasa on the phone yesterday as I wanted to hear from him about the rumoured disruption of the Subang division elections.

As reported in some of the online news portals, the problem, in Subang, was on account of names of candidates on ballot papers not having been correctly printed and the ensuing delay leading to many members having left the meeting hall.

I moved on from this matter to that of the allegation I keep hearing of ‘phantom’ voters.

I keep hearing that candidates are bringing in hordes of non-members to division meetings, registering them as members on the spot and then getting them ballot papers to partake in the voting process.

I asked Siva for a response.

Siva said that he did not think this was possible as the members list that will be used for the present election of divisional leaders and later for the election of national leaders is the list that was finalised on 28th June, this year. Anyone joining after this date would not be eligible to participate in the ongoing party elections.

What was the number of members as at 28th June, then, I asked Siva.

He confirmed what I had been hearing : more than 400,000, but he could not give me the exact figure.

On 24th September, Anwar issued a press statement entitled ‘A Celebration of Democracy’, wherein he said that “It is this spirit of change that was the driver for the adoption of a new system of voting for this year’s party elections under which the party’s 500,000-odd members will be able to vote for their leaders directly across the board”. Malaysiakini has a report with excerpts of that statement HERE.

On a media report presently carried on the PKR website, the members eligible to vote during the ongoing election is said to number 600,000.

So what is the number of PKR members as at 28th June, 2010?

Does anyone really know?

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