What now, given that Anwar’s dream team has hit an oil spill? Simple. Sack or suspend Zaid

Posted on September 29, 2010


Actually, it’s more than just one oil spill.

Seems a whole host of things have gone dreadfully wrong.

Last week, blogger Mat Saman Kati listed out Anwar’s preferred party cabinet, apart from also categorically asserting that Wan Azizah does not favour Azmin as her number 2.

Here’s Anwar’s list, according to Mat Saman Kati.

President: Anwar Ibrahim
Deputy President: Azmin Ali
Elected Vice Presidents : Dr. Mansor Othman, Dr. Lee Boon Chye, R. Sivarasa and one from Sabah/Sarawak)
Appointed Vice Presidents : Fuziah Salleh, Chua Jui Meng and one from Sabah/Sarawak
Wanita chief : Zuraidah
Youth chief: Rafizi Ramli

My information from insider sources suggest that Mat Saman Kati is spot on.

Sivarasa losing the Subang division top post?

Minor hiccup.

The results are soon to be declared null and void and fresh elections for the division to be held.

The bigger headache is the number of nominations Zaid has garnered thus far, and the implications from this.

As Mat Saman Kati says, no one expected Zaid to pick up the 30-odd nominations he has to-date, with another weekend of nominations to follow.

Has Negri Sembilan fallen to Zaid? Can Azmin wrest this state back?

Has enough been done to undermine Zaid’s popularity with the grassroot members in Sabah and Sarawak?

Will Azmin be able to take advantage of his eleventh hour takeover of PKR Selangor to win over its 108,000 members?

Are both PKR Penang and Perak in the bag for the Azmin team?

If all these are answered in the negative, then what?

I had brunch yesterday with someone high up in the party but very unhappy with its state of affairs  and posed these very questions to that person.

This was the reply.

“Compare the two new kids in the PKR block, Jui Meng and Zaid. Jui Meng joined first and immediately became a team player. By that I mean he did not rock the boat by spotlighting problems in the party. Zaid, as he did in UMNO and which led to him being sacked, comes in and wants to bring about reforms.

I can tell you that even as Anwar welcomed Zaid into the party last June, many at the top, including Anwar, were not sure what to do with him. Where to put him in the party where it would not appear demeaning, and yet not allow him to get to know too much of the internal workings of the party?

Zaid’s frequent trips to Sabah and Sarawak, and his increasing popularity there, got both Anwar and Azmin concerned. In fact, I know that ex Sec-Gen Sallehuddin had remarked to Zaid on one of those trips that he (Zaid) was finished in the party.

Last year, when Anwar directed Zaid not to go to Sabah for the Hari Raya celebration, and Zaid defied the former, it became clear to Anwar that Zaid would not and could not be controlled.

Both Anwar and Azmin realise that even if Azmin pulls off an impressive tally of nominations for the no.2 post, that in no way guarantees that the members vote will go the same way.

They’ll make sure there is no contest for the no.2 post.

If Zaid cannot be persuaded to pull out after nominations are closed, they’ll find a way to disqualify Zaid from contesting.

A charge of misconduct,  money politics, or of bringing the party into disrepute will be trumped up, and Zaid will be either suspended or sacked.”

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