Of coffee tables, sofas and spycams

Posted on October 3, 2010


For as long as I know, it has been fashionable for those who have arrived, be it in the corporate world, or the world of politics, to have in their plush office a sofa set matching in its quality with the rest of the furniture and fittings.

On the accompanying coffee table, perhaps a decorative item picked up on one of the numerous trips overseas.

So here, in this exclusive corner created, he who has arrived will sit cross-legged to entertain the many who will come a-calling.

Some, though, find another use for this cosy setting.

For such, they would do well to check first what lurks behind those impressive-looking drapes.

Lest, it should come to pass that they find themselves saying things they would not otherwise say or do that which they would otherwise refuse.

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