Gwo Burne on the Kelana Jaya division elections : How to defend the party?

Posted on October 5, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, at a community hall at a block of flats in Desa Mentari2, PJ, a press conference was held by candidates who had lost at the recently concluded PKR Kelana Jaya division elections.

L-R : Razak and Vignes

Malaysiakini reports that “Abdul Razak Mohamed Jalil and Vigneswaran T Subramanian who contested the division chief and deputy posts, claim that they have evidence that Syed Shahir and his faction had abused their position as incumbents to push the election heavily in their favour”.

YB Loh Gwo Burne, who was present at the press conference, and who confirmed that he was at the Kelana Jaya divisional meeting and election until the end of balloting, shared his thoughts, both on the election that was the subject of the press conference, as well as the conduct of the elections generally that have taken place over the last three weekends.

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