Has the Sec-Gen usurped the powers of the PKR Election Steering Committee?

Posted on October 6, 2010


PKR Sec-Gen Saifuddin Nasution, at a press conference this morning, announced that the Hulu Selangor divisional elections will be held afresh end of this month.

In other words, the elections held last Saturday where Azmin’s man, Khalid Jaafar, lost to Naza Yakin, is null and void.

However, the Election Steering Committee, whose terms of reference include deciding on the validity or otherwise of election results, in the event of a dispute, have not yet made a decision on the Hulu Selangor election results.

I’ve tried calling Saifuddin the last half hour to get his response but he is not answering.

Meanwhile, Azmin, I am informed, is heading out to Sabah today  where he will be announcing that the Penampang division elections, where his men lost, are to be held afresh.

Guess what?

Yes, the Election Steering Committee has yet to make any decision on Penampang.

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