Will UMNO and BN be consigned to the funeral pyre come the 13th GE? It’s in your hands

Posted on October 6, 2010


Muhyiddin suffers from a malaise that inflicts many in BN, particularly UMNO.

It’s called arrogantitis.

No, don’t bother looking up the medical encyclopedia.

Comes from being in power for too long.

Lording it over a people long accustomed to being docile, submissive even.

In Muhyiddin’s case, along with a whole bunch of the others in UMNO, one classic symptom of the in-breeding that Dr M spoke of in his ‘Malay Dilemma’ is also showing through.

You know which symptom I’m referring to, right?

According to Malaysiakini, Muhyiddin reckons that RPK’s ripping into the Pakatan leadership at the dialogue session with Anwar, Tunku Abdul Aziz and Tian Chua in London last Saturday and his threat to pull out his support for Pakatan at the Galas by-election is evidence of waning support and confidence in Pakatan, and PKR in particular.

He is reported to have said that “more and more PKR members at the higher as well as the grassroot level had realised the wrong choice they made and left the party” and then offered this advice to the rakyat.

“… we hope the people will learn from this and think carefully”

This blog has been kicking PKR and its leaders in the head, in the groin, and in the butt the last few months or so and late last year, not because I have given up on PKR, but because I think there is still hope.

Hope that PKR will reform as it needs to.

Hope that it will begin to listen to, and heed, the voices of the rakyat.

Hope that, together with its partners in Pakatan, they will collectively turn their focus on what it will take to begin the restoration of our vital institutions of state, if they reach Putrajaya, rather than individually pursuing position and power and, to that end, indulging in self-serving intrigues.

Hope that Pakatan will work swiftly to get its act together and then, working closely with the many rakyat who are today committed to bring about the changes needed in this country, bury BN at the 13th General Election.

This is what, for the rakyat, separates Pakatan from BN today.


Arrogantitis does not allow Muhyiddin to see this.

Many of us hoped we’d see BN out on its backside after the last general election.

It didn’t happen.

We hoped then that at least UMNO and BN would take some hard lessons from the loss of its 2/3 majority in parliament and another 5 state governments to the opposition, and begin the process of reform to be relevant to the needs of the rakyat.

That, too, didn’t happen.

Instead, they gave us Zaki in the Federal Court.

They gave us the Perak crisis.

They gave us NFA on the VK Lingam RCI recommendations.

They gave us renewed terms of Musa Hasaan.

They gave us Kugan and Teo Beng Hock.

They gave us AminulRasyid.

UMNO and BN cannot see this.


BN must be buried, come the 13th GE.

What, though, if those hopes we now place on Pakatan turn out to be misplaced?

What if PKR, too, will not reform, and Pakatan cannot get its act together?

Unlike some of you who have commented in this blog, I do not see myself as limited in my choice to either Pakatan or BN.

I  do not see that if Pakatan flounders, I am compelled to give my vote to BN.

I have a third choice.

It is a third choice, though, that is not presented to me on a silver platter.

It is a third choice that I have to carve out for myself, if I have to.

And I will, if I have to.

In my constituency.

You want a third choice in your constituency too, if the need arises?

If Pakatan doesn’t measure up to your expectations?

You want it on a silver platter, without your having to lift a finger?

Dream on.

There is much talk now of a third force, both in this blog and elsewhere.

You want a third force, that might afford you a third choice in your constituency?

You want to be a part of that third force, or merely cheer from the sidelines?

In the coming days, friends and I will meet to deliberate on this idea of a third force.

Where this will go, if anywhere at all, and how far, I cannot say.

What I can say is that if BN still reigns after the 13th GE, I will be able to look my children in their eyes and say, ‘I tried. I gave it my all’.

Can you?