10th October deadline? Since when? Yesterday?

Posted on October 12, 2010


Malaysiakini reports today that according to election administrator Raden Shamsulkamar Raden Shamsudin, all divisions had to officially submit their nominations by last Sunday, 10th October.

A quick check with divisions in Selangor, Penang and Sabah had many responding that this was the first they were hearing of this cut-off date.

Raden has also claimed that none of the 35 divisions that missed the deadline nominated candidates who had not yet qualified, including Nurul Izzah.

Is this correct?

Keningau, Sabah sent in its nomination results to HQ before 10th October.

The nomination that Nurul got for the post of deputy president and the only nomination for her which the party HQ acknowledges was from the Keningau division.

This is the one nomination that Aidila Razak spoke of in her Malaysiakini report yesterday.

Yesterday, the Semporna division, one of the 35 divisions referred to by Raden,  faxed their division’s nomination results to the party HQ.

Nurul for deputy president.

Today, Selangau, Sabah Sarawak, another one of the 35 divisions referred to by Raden, faxed in their nomination results.

Nurul for deputy president.

Both these divisions claim not to have been notified of the cut-off date.

The results of one more division where Nurul was nominated for the position of deputy president, also from Sabah, will soon be faxed to party HQ, I am told.

HQ has of course been tracking these results and is aware of them, even if official confirmation has not been received.

The documents from the Semporna and Selangau divisions faxed to party HQ are reproduced below.

To my ‘Is Nurul Izzah being stonewalled…’ post yesterday, Troy sent in a comment and, amongst other things, asked :

“If you have proof , provide it. If not, stop the rumor mongering-it is unprofessional as a representative of the Peoples’ Parliament”.

Is this proof enough for you?


Page 1 of the Semporna document faxed to PKR HQ



Page 2 of the Semporna document faxed to PKR HQ



Page 1 of Selangau document faxed to PKR HQ



Page 2 of Selangau document faxed to PKR HQ


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