He who asserts must prove

Posted on October 14, 2010


Malaysiakini in a report entitled ‘Conspiracy to deny Nurul’s candidacy’ yesterday, carried this image of the top part of what appears to be a circular from the office of PKR Sec-Gen dated 19th July, 2010 and addressed to, amongst others, division heads, to notify them that names of nominees for the forthcoming elections for national leaders were to reach the party HQ by 10th October.

The same report has it that the Selangau division in Sarawak and Semporna division from Sabah, both of which had nominated Nurul Izzah for the post of deputy president claim that they were never previously informed of this cut-off date.

Further, 4 divisions from Selangor issued the following joint statement :

“We are equally puzzled by the fact that there was in existence the 10th October, 2010 deadline for submission of nomination papers as all of us, in addition to the 35 divisions, were unaware of such deadline”.

That’s a lot of divisions saying they were never informed of this cut-off date.

Day before yesterday, 2 sources in PKR confirmed with me that originally, 10th October was set down as the date, not for divisions to send in their list of nominations to HQ, but as the date set for nominees to confirm their acceptance to contest for the posts for which they had received the requisite number of nominations.

That date, I was told, was only recently moved to 16th October.

How recently, I asked.

“Very recently”, I was told

A month ago, I asked.

“No, more recently”, was the reply.

Which is odd, because if this is correct, it means that about a month ago, parties nominated to contest were to inform HQ on 10th October which posts they were going to contest for.

The very same day by which divisions were to notify HQ who they had nominated for the various posts that were up for grabs, if this circular now produced in part is to be believed.

This circular that so many divisions now say they never received.

When did the secretariat despatch this circular out to the various divisions?

How was the circular sent out?




Was it ever sent out?

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